Why Choose PNUS

Memory sticks made fun.

  • Up to 1TB

    The storage you need.

  • Up To 1000MB/s Read Speed

    Fast, never slow.

  • Light Weight

    Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Durable

    Long-lasting and hard-wearing.

  • Compatible

    Compatible with your favourite devices.

  • Forever Warranty

    Your PNUS is forever.

  • About PNUS

    We’re PNUS. We’re fun, a little bit cheeky and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make memories stick, with our small, medium, large and OMG memory sticks.

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  • Loads of storage and transfers files so fast. Do yourself a favour and get a PNUS.


  • Well built. Fast transfer. Remote work has never been easier thanks to this memory stick.


  • I've never transferred files faster before in my life. My PNUS is seriously 10/10.


  • The speed compared to a Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive is INSANE. The Sandisk did a 3GB file about 20MB/s whereas this bad boy knocked out the same file at 324MB/s.


  • Easy to use and so fast.


  • Love the quality. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants a memory stick with killer speed and storage.


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