Vernon Mikhael

Co-Founder & CTO

Over 35 years of consumer electronics experience in various roles, from sales Executive to Country Manager in some of the world's best known and market leading brands. You always need a "tech guy", vernon makes it happen.

Alex Imvriotis

Co-Founder & Director

A builder by trade and Co-Director of a successful international façade company, Alex "the man child" was/is the founder of PNUS™️ the brand. Often forgetting the term ‘USB’ and not knowing of any particular or definitive brands of memory sticks, the term PNUS™️ was easier to remember and quite frankly, a whole lot more fun.

CY Lim

Co-Founder & CFO

Having been in the international facade industry for over 35 years, Alex's business partner, couple with a background in finance, CY has an understanding of establishing and running a successful business. You know, every busines has one "money man".